Victoria Park

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Children Park - Victoria Park

Victoriya Park is one of the country’s most attractive town park. It contains a lot of colorful flowers, and very nice places to enjoy and relax. The park is open the whole year. But this park from March to May and Augusts to September for visit best time. Because is the flowering season. Here you can see native and exotics birds. Which are they Indian Pitta, endemic Yellow-eared Bulbuls. Sri Lanka White-eye, Scimitar Babbler and migrant Pied Thrush, Forest Wagtail, Velvet Nuthatch, and Indian Blue Robin, Kashmir Flycatcher &, etc.

The end of the park is a children’s playground and miniature train. Kids will enjoy this place because there is plenty of room to play in. The little ones are very happy here and can have fun with their parents.

Ticket price: Rs.40 for Locals and Rs. 300 for foreigners

Open Hours: 7.00 Am – 7.00 Pm

Address: Badulla Rd, Nuwara Eliya 22200