The Addams Family – horror film

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The film is horror film ,an animated version of the Charles Adams cartoon series. The face of the Adams family begins to unfold as they face New Jersey against the 21st century. The film begins this way.
Directed by -: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan

Written by  -: Matt Lieberman, Pamela Pettle

Cast   type  -: Oscar Isaac [ GOMEZ ADDAMS ]
                      Charlize Theron [ MORTICIA ADDAMS ]

                     Chloë Grace Moretz [ WEDNESDAY ADDAMS ]
                      Finn Wolfhard [ PUGSLEY ADDAMS ]
                      Nick Kroll [ UNCLE FESTER ]
                      Snoop Dogg [ COUSIN ITT ]
                      Bette Midler [ GRANDMAMA ]

In Theaters  -:  25th October 2019

Web Site    -:

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