Sinhala & Tamil New Year

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Children festival - Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Aluth Aurudu is an important festival for both the cultures of the Sinhalese people and the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Sun transits from Aries to Pisces, which mark the dawn of the new year. The festival celebrates the April month and the sun is over Sri Lanka. You can see many changes in the environment and the trees are full of flowers and fruit. The erabadhu flowers and the sound of the Koha remind people that the years have come.

Every part of this festival is carried out according to astrologically determined ‘auspicious times’ or Nakath. All the family members get together and get ready for the house cleaning, new clothes, and gift shopping Preparations for this great festival begins weeks in advance when. Traditional sweets such as kavum (small oil cake), kokis (crisp, crispy sweets), aluva (diamond-shaped sweets made from rice flour), green gram and more are prepared in advance for a great day.

There are various rituals at this festival. Gifts are also exchanged and the rest of the day is spent view New Year's games with relatives and community members. Rabana's wide, flat drum is an important part of the New Year's celebration.

The New Year games can be categorized as indoor and outdoor games. Some of the indoor games are Pancha Dameema, Olinda Keliya, and Cadju Dameema. The outdoor games are Kotta pora, Onchili pedeema, Raban geseema, Kana mutti bindeema, Placing the eye on an elephant, Bun-eating completion, Kamba adeema (Tug-o-War) and Lissana gaha nageema (climbing the greasy pole) are some of them. The significance of the games is that everyone regardless of age, get themselves involved in the competitions. During this time, children happy and have fun.