anuradhapuraya - mihinthalaya

Mihintale is a mountain peak near Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. Arahant Mihindu Thero and his group came to this place during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa with the intention of propagating Buddhism in 250 BC. It has also been known as the Missaka Pabbata in the past. Before that, the Lord Buddha visited this place for the third time. Also, It is one of the "Solosmasthana". Mihintale is surrounded by a forest and rocky mountains are scattered throughout the hill country. It is considered a very important place of worship by Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Mihinthale is a collection of four mountains each about 1000 feet in height. Mihintalawa is the main mountain and the Aradhana gala (Invitation Rock) and the main Mahastupa are located there. Theravada is a major center of Buddhism and is considered the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is now a pilgrimage site and the site of several religious monuments and abandoned structures.