Mandaram Nuwara

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Piduruthala is a small village situated at the foot of the mountain.It belongs to the Nuwara Eliya District of the Central Province of Sri Lanka.The city is also known as the 'Misty City' as it is covered with mountains and fog most of the day. Due to its geographical position, the village receives rain much of the year.

The history of the Meedum dates back to the era of King Rawana.On the way to Mandaram Nuwara you will see a fairly small waterfall which is the second drop of the much larger Athinni Vatuna Ella, situated within the village. The Kolapathana Ella is about 2 km from the village.The most popular hike of thte village is Kodigahanagala hike. If you start the hike in the morning, you can finish it by evening. Offers an unforgettable experience  to Water Adventure at "Kalu Wala" natural pool .The main unforgettable activity of the village is camping at a misty Mountain. The Piduruthalagala mountain,Beragahana Ella,Deegalahinn ella,kolapathna ella etc can be seen here. Mandaramnuwara is a gift of nature to Sri Lanka.