Leisure World

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Children Park - Leisure World

Leisure world is one of the leading water parks in Sri Lanka. Leisure world group has its parks in Seethawaka, Hanwella and Kaluaggla. Each park has two main events. One is water rides and the other is amusement activities. Kidde’s pool, Kidd’s lazy river, wave pool, ladies pool, octopus, thunder cruise and crazy cruise in the water rides area are specially designed for kids to enjoy their childhood. The kiddie activity pool is designed with the most creative features and ensuring more fun and safety to the kinds. Water rides are more popular among leisure world visitors.

AS amusement activities leisure world has thrill rides, family rides are specially designed to entertain a whole family all day along with carousel rides, rotating coffee cups, mini train, and junior custard. Besides simulation games, arcades and swing around in the kids' rides add extra entertain to a visitor. If you wish to spend leisure time in the leisure world, we ensure that it may be one of the most unforgettable in your whole life.

Timing           -: Everyday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entrance fee -: only water area Rs.1500.00

Water area and some dry areas RS.2000.00

Full package Rs.3000.00

E-mail             -: info@leisureworld.lk


Telephone No-: 0362-253-99