Lake Gregory

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Nuwara Eliya - lake gregory

Lake Gregory was created in 1873 by the then Governor of the British Empire, Sir William Gregory, for the purpose of providing electricity. However, the lake was mainly used for leisure and recreation. Lake Gregory offers a variety of outdoor activities and is very popular among foreign tourists and locals. The park near the lake gives you various activities such as speed boat, swan boats, dinky boats, Pony ride and many more. There is also a bicycle path around the lake. The park around it has a walkway. So can take a saunter stroll along the area’s 5 km path.  flowers between walking paths given extra attraction to the park. There are small restaurants where you can buy food.

Charges for the entrance tickets and activities

Ticket price: Rs.20 for Locals and Rs. 200 for foreigners

Bicycle cost: Rs. 100 per hour

Swan-shaped pedal boat: Rs. 500 for 30 minutes

Trotting around on a Pony: Rs. 300 for 15 minutes