Krav Maga Sri Lanka

Krav Maga
Classes conducted by Master Wijesiri (Trained by World Famous Krav Maga Instructor Eyal Yanilov)

Sri Lanka’s 1st Krav Maga training. Classes available for beginners and all enthusiast to develop the ultimate self-defense system.

Krav Maga

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Classes conducted by Master Wijesiri (Trained by World Famous Krav Maga Instructor Eyal Yanilov)

Contact No.: 077 244 6149, 076 744 6149, 0112 818080

Address : 4th Floor, 211/2 Highlevel Road, Nugegoda

Open Hours : Mon: 19:30 – 21:00,  Sat: 16:15 – 18:00

E-mail Address : [email protected]

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The martial arts scene in Sri Lanka is buzzing with the introduction of a fighting style named krav maga to the islanders. This Israel based combat style martial art provides its practitioners with enough and more experiences on how to eliminate threats from enemies. According to the President and Chief Instructor of the Sri Lanka branch of krav maga, D. Wijesiri, this fighting style will be more useful for people in the forces and those employed in security firms.

Wijesiri told Sunday Island Sportstar that there was a huge demand to learn this combat art after the word went around that instructors from Israel had come to Sri Lanka and taught the fundamentals of the art to a Sri Lankan.

The official definition of krav maga states; it is an easy to learn battle tested Israel system of self-defence and combat tactics trained in realistic scenarios with fast instinctive muscle memory techniques to determine and escape threat.

According to Wijesiri, the whole krav maga episode happened in Sri Lanka thanks to his well maintained website which is loaded with information about his karate and yoga classes.

‘A person named Sathis Thiramunige, who resides in Italy, called me one day and said that he was interested in opening a krav maga institute in Sri Lanka. He said he had browsed through most of the websites maintained by martial arts masters and was impressed with his website. We had the first krav maga coaching camp in Sri Lanka this month and now the next step will be to have a office in Sri Lanka so that Sri Lankans and martial artists from neighbouring countries can come here and do the course’ he said.

According to Wijesiri, the origins of krav maga date back to 1940. This combat style martial art had been founded by a person named Imi, an experienced Israel commando. The fighting style had been jealously guarded by the Israelis and blocked to the outside world. But after year 2000 the World Krav Maga Federation had decided to open the doors to outsiders to learn this martial art.

Wijesiri, who has a high regard for all styles in martial arts, said that there is a growing interest to learn krav maga in Sri Lanka. ‘Everyday I get calls from people who want to learn this art. Most inquiries come from people in the forces,’ he said.

Just a few weeks ago, Wijesiri organised a coaching camp for krav maga enthusiasts and about 700 individuals were trained. ‘The in-house coaching camps were successful and employees from Army, Navy, Police, Air Force and the Presidential Security Division were trained in combat. There is also an area which includes weapons training and this will be an area that will be more comprehensively taught during the course after an institute is opened in Sri Lanka. At present we use only dummies for this part of the training, he said.

Wijesiri said that his eagerness to further his knowledge on martial arts had influenced him to pursue this new fighting style. ‘As martial arts instructors, we are always on the look out to learn effective techniques offered in other styles. There was something attractive in krav maga when I had my first experience in this fighting style. When you look closely, there seems to be bits and pieces from other styles incorporated into krav maga. Some times it looks a totally new experience. This is the beauty of this combat and self-defence style of martial art. I got involved in krav maga mainly because I saw an opportunity where Sri Lanka could benefit from this combat style martial art, hence I am promoting it,’ he said.



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