Kalpitiya a tranquill & breathtaking hotspot

Kalpitiya a tranquill and breathtaking hotspot

The gorgeous coastal region of Kalpitiya is located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, approximately 170 km north of Colombo. . Kalpitiya is a peninsula situated between the Puttalam lagoon to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west and provides marvellous views of the blue ocean, golden beaches and unspoilt islands in the large lagoon.

It is an unrivalled marine sanctuary with a diversity of habitats ranging from bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangrove swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches as well as a plethora of activities available including kite surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching, tourists will have plenty to experience in this emerging fishing town.

Kalpitiya  is known for its serene beauty and consists of 14 islands. The 14 islands of Battalangunduwa, Palliyawatta, Vellai I, Vellai II, Vellai III, Uchchamunai, Ippantivu, Periya Arichchalai, Sinna Arichchalai, Eramutivu, Sinna Eramutivu, Eramutivu West, Kakativu and Mutwal (Dutch Bay) together make up 1673 hectares of land which belongs to Kalpitiya.

It is now developing as an attractive tourist destination and is a marine sanctuary with a diversity of habitats ranging from bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangroves swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches. Kalpitiya is home to some of the finest eco hotels and blissfully secluded resorts and tents along the coastal line and is a popular tourism destination for adventure and nature holidays seekers.

Things to do in and around Kalpitiya

 Whale & Dolphin Watching

The best time for dolphin and whale watching is the season between November to March / April. If you are lucky you may witness schools of dolphins which are very large, approximately 1,000 dolphins at once. It is truly a magnificent sight to witness these brilliant and playful creatures as they swim alongside the boat.

A high concentration of blue whales and sperm whales have also been sighted in the Kalpitiya coast. The best place to set off on a whale watching tour is from Alankuda beach.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

There are some spectacular offshore reefs here with plenty of big fish. The prime dive site is Bar Reef, which sits several kilometers off the northwest tip of the peninsula and is said to be one of the finest dive sites in Sri Lanka. Despite its remote location, it’s also considered to be a good snorkelling spot. Most hotels can organise snorkelling and diving trips, with prices starting at about €100.

Best time for diving and snorkeling is between late November and early May. Due to the southwest monsoon period diving is considered dangerous and impossible during the period of May to November. You can embark on a diving trip with one of the many beachside diving shops. The underwater currents in the seas off Kalpitiya are generally not strong, but are influenced by small tide changes of two high water and two low water tides.

Lagoon Trips

Leisurely boat rides up the lagoon and canoe trips down the river are a pleasant and chilled out way of exploring the coastline, whilst 4WD jeep rides along the deserted sand dunes between the ocean and the lagoon offer a thrill and unique way of watching the colourful evening sunsets.


Kite Shifting

Kite Surfing

Kalpitiya beach is fast gaining a reputation for having excellent kite surfing conditions and is ranked as one of the top five destinations for kite surfing in the world. Kalpitiya has a slew of excellent IKO instructors at reputable kite surfing schools with top-notch equipment and courses for all, ensuring that anyone and everyone can enjoy kite surfing in Sri Lanka safely. The best time for kite surfing is during May and October, when wind conditions are the strongest and most consistent.

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu is one of the oldest and most important national parks in Sri Lanka, also known for its fascinating leopard safari in Sri Lanka. The Wilpattu National Park hosts a myriad of spot leopards, elephants, crocodiles as well as an array of spectacular birds in a stunning and beautiful jungle setting.

Set in over 100,000 hectares, the varying natural habitats from the coastal belt, natural lakes, cliff tops, scrublands, open grassland and dense forest, ensures that the scenery is just as impressive as the wildlife.

St. Anne’s Church

Tucked away between the Puttalam Lake and the Indian Ocean you’ll find St Anne’s church. Built over 150 years ago, this religious place became a sanctuary for Catholics and missionaries alike. Take a trip to visit the shrine of St Anne and wonder at this magnificent church.



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