Guruge Nature Park

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Children Park - Guruge Nature Park

Guruge is the first theme park for nature park in Sri Lanka. There is a Mayan water park in it. Children are able to enjoy a lot in this place. Apart from that, it consists of places such as birds and animals park,  Jurassic Park, ostrich which are available for children to view.

There are places such as siripada, Saradiyels’s train ride, Vedda’s village, Korale and Dhandu kada, Dutugemunu Battle which is helpful to know about Sri Lanka history and religious aspect in this park.

This is one of the fun and educational attractions of the Nature park in Sri Lanka.

Location       -:  Guruge Nature Park Road, WeligamPitiya, Ja-Ela

Timing           -: Everday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entrance fees -: Children-Rs.450.00

Adults-Rs.500.00 (ticket and pricing)

Telephone No -: 011 434 7724

E-mail            -:

Web site        -: