Water World

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Children Park - Water World

It is the only public aquarium in Sri Lanka. There are several areas like a water world, underwater tunnel, bird park. More than 500 species of fish and amphibians in the water world. If includes aquatic life and plants that are found in the aqua ecosystems of the world. Here you can see rare fish like Arpaima, Bengale fish. It is also possible to see rare fish like the great sharks and eagles. .The live diving shows can be experienced on the boat ride.

We can see birds all over the world in the bird's park. It features the largest collection of parrots in the country. The rare and exotic species of birds showcased at Bird Park includes 7 species of macaws, 13 species of lories, 15 species of conure and 8 species of cockatoo. this park enjoys an unforgettable experience for us.

South Asia’s first under water tunnel aquarium at Water World Kelaniya. This is a strange experience and it is fun for the little ones. children can learn and enjoy in the water world.

Timing -: open on every day at 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Location-: No 95, Biyagama Road, Thalwatte, Kelaniya.

Telephone No-: 0115 555 434

Email-: info@waterworld.com

Website-: http://www.waterworld.lk

Entrance fees-:


Children-Rs.220.00             Adult-RS.320.00


Children-Rs.600.00             Adult-RS.400.00

Special Package-:

School children-RS.140.00

School visits Parents-RS.280.00

Other Children under 12-RS.180.00

School Teacher-Free

Large group children-RS.180.00

Large group adult-RS.280.00