Historical Sights

Isurumuniya Temple

The Isurumuniya Rock Temple known as the Meghagiri Vihara, Meygiri vihara or the Vihara of the Cloud Mountain was the first repository of the Tooth Relic. One couldn’t have thought…

Tsunami Honganji Vihara

A standing tall Buddha erected to commemorate the loss of life and destruction brought on by the 2004 Tsunami. Address: Galle Road, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka  

Very beautifully built structure of Lord Buddha.

Bahiraviokanda vihara Buddha statue is one of the tallest and beautiful Buddha statues in Sri Lanka. The hill where the statue was built called bahirava kanda; in Sinhalese it means…

Sri Jaya srima bodhiya - anuradhapura

Mahinda Thero in 250 BC Emperor Asoka in India sent his daughter Theri Sanghamitta to the island with a branch of the Sacred Bodhi obtained from the main stem of…

kandy view point

Kandy view point is located at Rajapihilla Mawatha near Kandy Lake. around 1km steep climb to the rajapihilla mawatha, there is a place where you see the kandy city in…

bluefield tea gardens

Bluefield includes the Estate, Tea Factory, Tea Center and Restaurant. The area belong to Bluefield is 100 actors. With the average populations of 1000. 175 families are living in the…

handunugoda tea estate

The Handunugoda Tea Estate is a special place and famous for one unique product, a white tea that is manufactured without ever coming into contact with human hands. Besides Handunugoda…

kandy garrison cemetry

British Garrison Cemetery (also known as the Kandy Garrison Cemetery) is a British cemetery in Kandy, Sri Lanka, for British nationals who died in Ceylon. It was established in 1817…

nidahas chathurassaya

This building has been constructed so as to symbolize splendor of the nation with adequate seating accommodation for the total number of 224 persons who represent as the members of…

polonnaruwa vatadage

This beautiful Stupa House has been built before the time of Nissanga Malla (1187-1196) but he has carried out major renovations on this building. So what you see today is…


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