Ambewela Park

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Nuwara Eliya - Ambewela park

Ambewela Farms consists of two farms, namely Ambewela Farm and New Zealand Farm. The mountains are full of cool climates and beautiful surroundings. There are high-quality pastures where cattle can freely eat grass. It also uses the latest technology and produces the best quality milk and milk products with international standards of local quality. Ambewela farm has Ayrshire cattle and the New Zealand Farm in Ambewela rears purebred Friesian cows. This generation of cattle deserves a lot of attention, and farm management is keen to provide them with a balanced diet and sterilized drinking water to maintain milk quality. Ambewela farms are also part of the largest pastures in Sri Lanka. Apart from cattle, the Ambewela farm has rabbits, pigs,  and goats. Various vegetables and seed potatoes are grown on this farm. The cheese factory, the goat yard and thousands of animals can be found on the Ambewela Farms.